Chuggington Live

Friday night was fun. Me, Aiden, and my mom went to Chuggington Live and he loved it!

We hit up Chick-Fil-A on the way, of course. Aiden did pretty well in there. On the rare occasion that I don’t let him play in the playpace he puts up a big fight, but not then. He wanted to hurry up and get to Chuggington.





stage 2

Of course we had to get a souvenir…



Overall, it was a good time. The tickets were about $30, $15 at Chick-Fil-A, and $10 for the spinny, light-up thingy. Not too bad for Aiden’s first play.



Let the birthday festivities begin!

Well, my little man turned three. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

I wanted to bring treats for his school on Friday but I didn’t want to do cupcakes. I found a recipe for a cake batter dip so I added sprinkles and packaged it with animal crackers. It was super yummy!

bday treat

Public service announcement: It’s probably not a good idea to come to your toddlers’ school in the middle of the day unless you plan to take him home with you. It didn’t exactly go as planned. I had to sneak out without telling him bye because he wouldn’t stop crying. Actually, it was pretty terrible. Before anyone judges, I still had a lot to do to get ready for his party. It’s not like I left him so I could go relax on the couch at home. His teacher texted me as soon as I left and said he was fine and playing with his friends.

Saturday was his party. I wanted to do a lot more but we decided to do it pretty simple this year. Aiden is currently obsessed with PAW Patrol so that was the theme.

food table

We just did Little Caesar’s pizza ( won’t do that again) and a few snacks. The dog bowls held puppy chow (chex mix), fetch sticks (pretzels), pupcorn (duh), and dog treats(gingerbread cookies shaped like dog bones).

dog bowls

Apparently, Publix doesn’t have the copyrights for PAW Patrol so in order to get a cake, I ordered a really plain one and add an edible picture myself that I ordered from Etsy. The edible picture was about fifteen dollars with shipping and the cake was twenty three dollars, so almost fourty dollars total. Was it worth it? I’m not sure. In retrospect, I should of gotten a cake from Publix and put his PAW Patrol toys on top. Except for the fact that they spend most of their time in his sandbox, it would of been cheaper.


Aiden got lots of really cool presents. Some PAW Patrol, some Hot Wheels, and some really cool clothes. He actually really likes clothes so he was pretty excited about them.


present 2present 3That one was really cool. It’s a water sprayer you wear on your back, like Marshall from PAW Patrol. He sort of looks like a really cute exterminator when he uses it.

take home

These are the “goodies” for the kids to take home. They are PAW Patrol cups filled with candy, a flute, a crazy straw, water guns, and temporary tattoos. The masks were a little creepy but the kids loved them.


As for the lollipops, It just so happened that the invitations we used came with round PAW Patrol stickers. I found a few bags of suckers that were half off and added the stickers. I put them in a clay pot with a foam insert and added “grass”. Pretty cute if I do say so myself.


See? Creepy.


We spent most of the time in the pool, naturally. He fell asleep at 5pm and didn’t wake up until the next day!

Sunday was his actual birthday so I wanted to do something special for his breakfast. I tried to make cinnamon buns in the shape of a 3 but it didn’t quite work out. I guess you could call it a Pinterest fail.


 I had to improvise quick so I just put one of the cinnamon buns on its own plate and topped it with sprinkles and a candle. Brian and I sang him “Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you smell like a monkey, and you look like one too!” He loved it.

bday breakfast

We got Aiden a bike. It was a “big boy” toddler bike in his favorite color, green! We were really excited to give it to him but Aiden, not so much. He said, ” I don’t like it. I like my balance bike”. For those that don’t know, a balance bike is just like a regular bike but without pedals or brakes. You make it go by pushing off of the ground (like walking the bike). Once you are able to “run” the bike, pick up your feet, and glide with good balance, you are suppose to transition to a regular bike. The beauty of this is it is suppose to eliminate training wheels. Eventhough Aiden has gotten very good at his balance bike, I guess he’s just not ready for the bigger one. So, we took it back to ToysRUs and let him pick out something else.



He tried everything on and played with all of the toys but the only things he wanted was a Spiderman hat and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates game. We sort of made out on this deal.

dad store

Someone was a little confused as to who’s birthday it was. Aiden’s lunch of choice was, of course, Tijuana Flats. Now we are sitting on the couch with full bellies, watching Boxtrolls (cute movie), and listening to daddy snore.

Side Note: If your kid watches Nick Jr. they offer something really cool for birthdays. You can go to and sign your kids up for a birthday phone call from their favorite cartoon character. They offer Dora, Peter Rabbit, PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, and Blaze. You put in their name, birthday, and how old they are turning and the characters call to wish them a happy birthday. Today, Aiden got a call from the PAW Patrol saying things like “Ryder told us it was your birthday, Aiden! I can’t believe you turned three!” It was pretty cool and he loved it.

Boys will be boys and that’s okay.

I remember being eight months pregnant and walking through Target, looking at all the baby stuff. I dreamed of what he would be like. What it would be like to be a mom to a boy. I was so excited. There would be skinned knees, dirty jeans, screaming from the bleachers at little league games. It seemed like so much fun. There wasn’t one part of me that wished we were having a girl. That day at Target I watched a little girl skipping through the store, holding her mom’s hand and beaming. I heard her tell her mom that she loved spending time with her, she liked her hair, and was so happy that her mom let her go with her to the store. At that moment I realized something. Girls are sweet, loving, caring, and nice. They are made of sugar and spice and everything nice after all. Boys, on the other hand, are wild, dirty, and rough around the edges. You know, snips, snails, and puppy dog tails. Or, so I thought.

Flash forward two and a half years. Me, Brian, and Aiden are in HH Gregg shopping for a new fridge. Aiden is looking around and wandering while  Brian and I speak to the salesman about financing. All of a sudden, Aiden comes running around the corner, tugging on my skirt, and interrupting, “Mommy, mommy, mommy….” I shush him twice then finally excuse myself from the conversation, squat down and respond to him. “What, Aiden? That was very rude. You don’t interr…….”. Just then, he puts his little finger over my mouth to shut me up. He leans in and whispers, “Listen, momma. It’s your song”. Playing over the loud speaker was Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. It was my favorite song at the time and I sang it to him whenever it was on. I didn’t think he noticed but I guess he did. He said, “Momma, will you pick me up and sing it to me?” So I did. Just me and him, walking through the appliances in HH Gregg. He laid his head on my shoulder and I quietly sang to him in his ear.

I was wrong. Boys can be sweet and loving. There is not a day that goes by where Aiden does not tell me I’m beautiful. Sometimes when we are talking face to face he’ll tuck my hair behind my ear. There are lots of times where we are cuddling on the couch and he grabs my hand and holds it. See, my boy’s not just sweet. He’s romantic. The other day he told me to sit down and relax while he cleaned up his toys. Now that was a rarity that I’m sure will never happen again but it definitely took my breath away. God I love my boy!




Toddler tantrums are no joke!

I like to call it the witching hour. It’s that perfect time before a nap when you know your child is starting to get tired so you lay them down, and after some coaxing, they fall asleep peacefully and all is right in the world. But, if you go past that magical point in time, something strange happens to your child. They become possessed, by a demon or something worse. Aiden is typically a very well behaved child that listens to reasoning. If he wants something at the store and we explain to him why he can’t have it, he usually doesn’t throw a fit or make a scene. But if we’ve missed the witching hour…. look out!

For example, the below picture was take way after nap time should of started. The reason he is so devastated? I won’t let him “bite me like the Walking Dead”. Yep, you read that right. And no, we didn’t teach him about zombies. The kids at daycare took care of that.


Five minutes after that picture was taken, he passed out in the middle on the floor.

Today, Brian had to work so Aiden and I went to a kid’s festival at a local park. There were bounces houses, carnival games, putt putt, and even a clown. He had a blast. I knew I should of taken him home and forced him to take a nap but he was having so much fun I couldn’t do it. As usual, I grew to regret it. It happened. Something took over my sweet little boy and turned him into an unruly monster. He couldn’t get the golf ball in the hole at putt putt and almost threw his club into a crowd of people. Luckily, I saw his eyes turn red with rage before he could actually throw it. He accidentally spilled his bottle of bubbles so he threw the empty bottle only ground and stomped it while yelling “I don’t like bubbles!” I had his hand and was leading him out of the park when he pulled against me and fell onto the ground. He crosses his arms, starts crying, and yells, “You pushed me in the dirt! You’re a bad momma!” I picked him up and carried him to the car while he kicked. The below picture is once I got him in the car and turned the air conditioning on. In between cries he says, ” I don’t like cold air on me!” What? It’s ninety degrees outside!


Kids?! I’ll never understand.