13 weeks!

SonogramWell, I’m thirteen weeks. I’m feeling pretty good these days and the sonograms are looking more human than alien. I’m not quite showing yet but I do know I am farther along and it is becoming more real. I am worried about how our lives are about to change. It is for the better, of course, but a drastic change none the less. I was in the back yard with Aiden yesterday. He was playing in his sandbox and I said, “Aiden, I am a little worried about when the baby comes”. Aiden, replies, “Don’t worry, mommy. When you have the baby, you’ll be back skinny again”. Ouch. Thanks, kid but that wasn’t what I was talking about.

Me: “No.. Me and you spend so much time together. I am worried that when the baby comes, there will be times when you have to hang out with daddy because I’ll have to take care of the baby”.

Aiden: “Well, sometimes you will hang out with daddy and I can take care of the baby. I’m going to be a good babysitter. I can get the bottle and pacifier.”

Me: “And change their diaper?”

Aiden: “No,  mommy. You can do that!”

This boy is wise beyond his years and knows just what to say to melt this momma’s heart.


Halloween was a bust.

Transformer 2015If there’s one thing that being a mother has taught me it’s that there is no such thing a “perfect” (hence the blog title). You have to learn to roll with the punches and don’t force your child to participate when he missed a nap and is “over it” (his words). Case in point: Halloween 2015. It started with his class party. They sent home a slip of paper stating that the kids were going to have a parade and be sure to send your child’s costume or send him in it and bring a change of clothes. Thursday morning came around and Aiden woke up telling me that this was the day he got to wear his Transformer costume to school. He put it on, grabbed his mask and bolted out the door. When we get to his school, he pushes past me and goes running into his friends then stops, turns around, and gives me the most disappointed face. He says, “Mom! No one is wearing a costume but me!” in his best whisper-yell. He was right, every one brought their costumes, except Aiden. He wanted to go home and change.  I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “You are the only one in costume because you are the coolest kid here. Now own it”. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone while he walked into his classroom and sat down. That was a disappointment. Later on, all of the kids put them on and Aiden had a great time.

Fast forward to Halloween and Aiden refused to take a nap. We tried for two hours before giving up. We went to a Florida/Georgia cookout that afternoon and he did great. As soon as it started getting dark we headed home to put on his costume. Aiden went to three houses and was done. He was whining, wanted to be carried, and complaining that his feet hurt. His daddy warned, “If you keep this up we are going home”, to which Aiden replied, “Okay!” We headed back to the house to get his wagon. When we got home Aiden whispered in his sweetest voice, “Mommy, can we please go inside and cuddle while we watch a movie? Please.” Of course, we did. He fell asleep ten minutes into the Charlie Brown Halloween movie. Oh well. There will be other Halloweens I suppose.

pumpkin patch