Our First Easter Party

For as long as I can remember, my nana had an Easter egg hunt party that I absolutely loved. Her backyard was perfect for it! It was huge, lots of big trees, on a creek with plenty of hiding places….and a pool. I love Easter and looked forward to it every year. I’ve always wanted to have an Easter party at our house but hers was always so fun that I didn’t want Aiden to miss out on it. This year, my nana wasn’t feeling up to it so we decided it was our opportunity.

I made some Easter themed foods, bought a really pretty cake from Publix and we grilled burgers and hot dogs. It was pretty much a pool party with an egg hunt.

I made these for Aiden’s class party and they were a hit. It’s just frosting piping bags filled with cheese balls and tied with a green ribbon.

I wanted the deviled eggs to be festive. First off, I don’t boil them, I bake them. You just put them in a muffin tin and bake them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

The only drawback is it causes burn marks on the shell that can make it down to the actual egg. If you don’t mind that, it’s a very convenient way of creating “boiled” eggs. Make sure you immediately transfer them to an ice bath to make them easier to peel.

I was going to make a cheese ball but ran out of time, so I bought two and formed them into the shape of a carrot. I topped it with parsley and surrounded it with crackers, then viola! A carrot shaped cheeseball.

Lastly, you have to have dessert! I was going to make a dirt cake with crushed Oreos but I sort of fell in love with a cake I saw at Publix and it was on sale for $9.99. I had to!

For the egg hunt, we separated the kids by age group. Six years and under had the first egg hunt, then the “big kids” were after that. We filled the eggs with candy and had a silver egg with $1 and a golden egg with $5 for the little ones. Luckily my sister in law brought a lot more filled eggs for the bigger kids.

Aiden and Carter found the golden and silver eggs! That worked out perfect because they are very competitive with each other for some reason. We gave out a chocolate bunny to the kid with the most eggs, Liam, and he was thrilled!

The party started around noon and most people left around 5pm. Our parties usually last all day which we love. Towards the end, the few kids that were left watched a movie inside while the adults hung out and talked on the deck. This is how we found Aiden when we finally came in…

Over all I think it was a success. Aiden said it was the best day ever! I plan on throwing another Easter party next year. I was exhausted after this but I remembered at midnight that I hadn’t added the Easter bunny foot prints that have become a tradition in our house. After a template was made and flour was sprinkled on the ground (so much easier to clean up than baby powder) I was out! His face the next morning was completely worth it!

The Deck

We moved into our house in 2010. One of the things that drew us to the house was the big above-ground pool and the deck. We imagined lots of cook outs and pool parties for our future children. The only problem is, it wasn’t very pretty. Every year we would do what we could to get the pool blue so we could swim but we never did anything about the deck. The previous owners painted the deck white, and then spackled blue paint on top. It was hideous. This year I decided enough was enough. This was the before…

The hubs started with replacing the rotten wood. In typical Brian form, he went above and beyond what he was suppose to do. He ended up replacing more wood than necessary and redesigning the step up/seat around the pool. I must say, it is much better.

I should say that we had the paint for at least two weeks before touching it, and the wood for at least a week. But with the hub’s new job and going to school three nights a week, plus trying to get to the gym whenever he could, he had no time to work on the deck until the afternoon before our Easter party.

He didn’t start painting the deck until midnight. I believe he finished and was in bed around 2am and we still had some wood that wasn’t painted. It still looked a lot better than before!

When we woke up, Aiden and I ran out to the deck to see how it turned out. The paint was still pretty wet and we left with grey feet but by the time the party started, it was bone dry.

We still need to do another coat of paint but it looks a thousand times better! Hopefully, this won’t be another house project that is still unfinished years later.


Sawyer’s Birthday

I took a little hiatus from this blog. I’m not sure why. I think it was just procrastination, one of my downfalls. Either way, I’m back now and I plan on keeping it up this time. Today marks a year since we had/lost Sawyer. A few coworkers reminded me and one even gave me a condolence card. It was very sweet. I also had my 29 week OB check up. That was the only time I lost it. It was something about being in the OB office that turned on the water works. I am just so thankful that we were able to get pregnant right afterwards. I understand that some people need a little bit of time before trying again, but for me, that was definitely not the right decision. It makes the year anniversary a little easier to deal with knowing that we have a sweet baby girl on the way.