VPK Graduation… cue the waterworks!


Be still my heart! My baby graduated from VPK! 
Aiden won the “Curious George Award” for always asking good questions (some needed to be Googled according to his teacher) and the “Daredevil Award” for always trying to do parkour on the playground. She said she overheard him asking his friend “Do you wanna do hard core parkour?!” That’s our boy! We let him choose where we were going to have dinner. No surprise, he chose Tijuana Flats…again.

Aubrey Update! 6/9/17

Today I had my weekly appointment at the high risk OB. The ultrasound confirmed that she had wiggled out of the loops and the cord was no longer around her neck! She was practicing breathing the entire time, perfect heart rate, and a good size. They’ve agreed to induce me at 37 weeks. That’s next week!!! I’m so excited that she’s almost here! I told Aiden the good news and he said, “Wait, she’ll be here next week? Alive?!” Bless his heart.