Stitch Fix Review-my first three boxes

I don’t know if it’s because of having Aubrey or turning thirty but I am really motivated to change my image. I want to dress more like an adult. I want to dress more feminine and stylish but I don’t know where to start. Brian has told me for years that I dress like a tomboy. Being a girl is hard work… and boring. I hate getting my hair and nails done because of how long it takes. Ugh. All I do is think of everything I could be doing if I wasn’t stuck to a hair dresser’s chair. I’m on Pinterest all of the time looking for outfits I like. I find a lot and add them to my Pinterest boards but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t take the time to go shopping (shopping with two kids would be a nightmare anyway!) and when I do, I can never find anything so I decided to cheat. Hello, Stitch Fix! If you’ve never heard of it, Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription that sends you outfilts best on a questionnaire you take on their website. For $20 per month they send you five articles such as shirts, pants, dresses, purses, jewelry, even shoes. If you try it on and don’t like anything, you send it back at no charge. If you like something, you go on their website and purchase them. The $20 you spend that month goes towards the purchase price. I have had three Stitch Fixes delivered to me so far. The first one was the best! Here is what I got…

This shirt was really pretty and feminine. It would have been pretty with a nice dark jean and heels. I ended up not getting it because it was a little high for my taste ($60) plus I really wanted the second shirt in the box. I could not justify spending that much money on two shirts! Pass.

This dress was fun! It was a colorful, summery print with a cute cutout in the back. I liked everything about it, except how it looked on me. It was made of two different materials that came together right above my stomach so it pooched out like a maternity dress. I just got done being pregnant. I didn’t want to look like I still was. Plus, it was $70. Pass.

This is the shirt that won over the other. It’s made of a really nice material, it’s simple enough but still has really pretty lace detailing at the top. I can dress it down with jeans and leopard print flats or dress it up with a skirt and heels. It was $48. Keep!

This dress is adorable! I love the color, the fit, the material, the cutout in the back, the buttons, and the scallop detail in the top and pockets. Did you catch that it has pockets?! It was $60 but I had to have it! I even wore it to a bridal shower the day after I got it. Keep!

These earrings were cute but I didn’t love them. I feel like I could of found something similar at Target for less. These were $38 and I didn’t feel like they were worth it. Pass.

I didn’t take pictures of the second fix. The only thing I liked out of it was a pair of coral jeggings. I did like them a lot and they fit like a glove but I couldn’t see spending $90 on pants. The box also included a kimono. I understand these are trending right now but not for me. There was a little black dress that wasn’t anything special, a tank top with a less than desirable pattern and a purse that I simply did not need. I returned the whole Fix.

The third Fix was a little better but I didn’t like anything enough to keep.


This tank top was okay but not worth the $48. Pass.


I just don’t have a need for a yellow clutch. It’s cute though. It was $38. Pass.


This tank fit well but I couldn’t get past the pattern. Plus, they wanted $38. Pass.


This dress was a pretty color but the fit was all wrong. I don’t care for the dresses that have the elastic around the waist like that. I just don’t like how it looks. $68. Pass.


I had high hopes for this dress. I liked the color and it was only $48 but there’s something about the elastic band around the waist. It looked awful on. Pass.

After this box I almost canceled my Stitch Fix subscription. I figured that’s $40 I have now spent without keeping anything. I’m going to give it one more try.