Palm Coast

The hubs did some electrical work for one of the doctors I work with, so to repay him, he offered for us to stay in his beach side condo for the weekend. Of course we accepted. We headed out on Friday after work, picked up the keys, and made it to the condo around 7pm. It was beautiful. The condo was on the first floor, right in front of the beach access and pretty close to the pool. We unloaded the car, checked out the pool and then headed out to find dinner.

By this time, it was already 9pm which apparently is when the whole city of Palm Coast, Florida shuts down. Publix was our only option. We had a really nice dinner of fried chicken and refrigerated mashed potatoes.

We cuddled up on the couch and fell asleep pretty quickly. We were sleeping great until about 4am when the fire alarm went off! Poor Aiden woke up with his eyes wide open, put his shoes on and headed to the door with his blanket without any instructions. He started crying once we were out in the parking lot. It was cold and windy and that is a terrible way to wake up!

After about an hour the alarm was shut off and we found out what happened. An elderly man was having a heart attack. His wife didn’t know what to do so she pulled the fire alarm. Unfortunately, once the alarm was set off, the pressure built up in the water pump that supplies the sprinklers and blew a valve so the alarm kept going on and off for a few hours after that. Needless to say, Aiden and I didn’t get much sleep. It didn’t seem to bother Brian though. At least we didn’t miss the sun rise!

Notice how bundled up Aiden is to see the sunrise. It has been 80-90 degrees for weeks but the one weekend we chose to go to a beach condo it is 60 degrees and ridiculously windy! We tried to go to the beach for a little bit but it was miserable. We decided to try the heated pool when I realized that I packed everyone’s things except my bathing suit! The closest store was thirty minutes away. We let Brian sleep and headed to Target. I hated spending money on a new bathing suit while I’m pregnant in my third trimester. I feel like it’s only going to fit for a couple of months. I found a top on sale for nine dollars so that was good. We got back to the condo, changed into bathing suits, and headed for the pool. By this time, it had warmed up to about 70 degrees but the wind was still kicking!

Notice how the palm fronds are blowing. The winds were strong!

Thank God the pool was heated. There was even a hot tub but it wasn’t turned up very high. It felt like a warm bath, which was great!

My mom doesn’t like it but I am not one of these woman who wear a one piece and a cover up when they’re pregnant. I think the belly deserves to be tan too!

After the pool we headed back to the room. Aiden and Brian played soccer in the grass outside of the room and I watched from the porch. Aiden craves one on one time with his daddy. He hasn’t gotten too much of it lately because of Brian being in school so he absolutely ate every minute up!

Next, we went back to the beach. This type of beach is perfect for kids… once you get past the rocks.

My little daredevil loved climbing and jumping on the rocks. As Brian put it, it’s a “a kid’s dream and a parent’s nightmare”.

Eventually, Aiden asked to go back to the room. We took showers and cuddled up on the couch for a nap. We didn’t wake up until 5:30pm. Before we left our house on Friday, it was determined that Brian needed to fix his truck before the work week started. We decided to pack up and head home Saturday night instead of waiting until the morning. I wished we had stayed to be able to see the sunrise and play on the beach one last time but then again, Brian’s truck is now fixed and ready for the week. Aiden and I played in the pool and rode bikes while he did it so we still had fun today. We just went to dinner and are now laying in bed, replaying the weekend. It certainly wouldn’t be an “Elmore vacation” if everything went perfectly (hence the name of my blog) but we always make the most of it!


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