Baby Number 3!

So, for whatever reason, I have slacked on my blog this pregnancy. Don’t worry. I’ll catch you up… We lost Sawyer in April 2016. I felt like since we were already in the mentality of having a baby, jumping right back into the saddle would be the best bet. We starting trying in June and conceived in October. It took us just four months of trying to get pregnant with Aiden, too. I am now 33 weeks and am just now getting to the “tired, uncomfortable, and just plain over it” phase. I think the plan is to induce me at 37 weeks…. meaning we have only one month left!

This was our pregnancy announcement. How cute is this?!

For the gender reveal, we wanted to do something unique and memorable for Aiden. A friend of mine was the only one to know what we were having and she ordered the smoke bombs for us.

It turned out perfect! She brought some sub sandwiches, chips, and cupcakes with pink frosting in the middle. We only invited a handful of people which is exactly how I wanted it. I found the smoke bombs online, gave Jennifer the ultrasound that was sealed in an envelope (no, I did not peek) and she ordered the appropriate color. The funny thing is, when the smoke bombs arrived, the inside color was visible so she stuffed it with the only tissue paper she had, which was blue. When she handed them to us to light she whispered, “Don’t let the tissue paper fool you”. The original smoke that came out was of course blue (due to the tissue paper) and I thought, “I knew it!” Then pink smoke bellowed out and I screamed! I did not think we would have a girl. I just always pictured myself with boys. I don’t even know how to do her hair. Brian says he has it covered. We’ll see…

This pregnancy has been just as easy as the last two. I have gained the same exact amount of wait (20 lbs so far) and feel great. I haven’t had cravings to speak of. I just want food… all of the time! I did go through a phase where I really wanted cold, crisp salads but I wouldn’t call it a craving.

Aiden is very excited about his baby sister. We were in Target (Surprise!) not too long ago and he pointed to an older woman on the same aisle as us. This is how the conversation went…

Aiden: “Mommy, tell her about our baby”.

Me: “Honey, we don’t know her. She won’t care.”

Aiden: “Just tell her.”

Me: “Excuse me. My son would like for you to know that we are having a baby.”

Aiden: “It’s a girl!”

Woman: “That’s great! Congratulations.”

Aiden: “See? I told you she’d care.”

I was worried about how he would feel if it was a girl but he is really happy about it. As a matter of fact, the other day I said, “Aiden, there’s about to be a lot of pink in this house.” To which he replied, “Yea mommy, she’s a girl. That’s okay.” And when he sees commercials for girls’ toys on TV he’ll say, “Girl toys are so lame. She can play with all of my toys. I have cool stuff!”

We haven’t had family pictures done since Aiden was six months old and I’ve never had maternity pictures taken. I wanted to change that. Thanks to Sarah Polson Photography, we have beautiful pictures to look back on…

I think they turned out great. We are so happy with them that we will be using the same photographer to do a newborn shoot when she gets here. We took Aiden to Sears and had pictures made when he was a week old. They turned out okay but since I want these to be a little more artsy and include her brother and Sawyer’s bear, I thought it was a better idea to do them at home with a real photographer.

I have been having erratic contractions since thirty weeks. I had them with the last two also so I don’t think it means anything. As of today, I have three and a half more weeks until we meet our baby girl. To say we’re excited is the understatement of the century!

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