The Nursery

I wanted her nursery to be simple, yet girly. It’s not quite done but it’s pretty close.

We left the walls grey and reused all of the nursery furniture Aiden used. I went with a Native American/ tribal theme because I really wanted to have a teepee in the corner but the husband decided the nursery was the best place in the house for his desk… we’ll see how much he uses it. I ordered light-blocking curtains from Target but they haven’t arrived yet. I’m not sure if they are going to work. They are white with bright multicolored dots. I might be taking them back to Target. If I keep them, I’ll add an updated picture. We are also planning on adding white bi-fold closet doors but until then, I don’t hate the open concept. Maybe it’ll help me keep the closet somewhat organized. I was wanting to just hang a pretty cloth shower curtain but the hubs wasn’t going for it.

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