Thursday was suppose to be a normal day…

Since twenty eight weeks, I have been having additional monitoring and ultrasounds twice weekly. This Thursday was no different. I went in for my ultrasound and everything looked perfect. Little Aubrey was measuring five pounds exactly and was right on track. I don’t know what made me think of it, but I asked the technician where her umbilical cord was. She gave a very vague answer of it being close to her head… and that was it. Next, I went into the room and started my twenty minutes of sitting on the fetal heart monitor.

When the monitoring was done, the doctor came in. She explained how the umbilical cord actually looks like it might be looped around her neck. My heart sank. She explained that they wanted to do another ultrasound to confirm. I practically ran her over to get back to the ultrasound machine.

During the ultrasound the doctor and the tech whispered to each other but there was one part of the conversation I heard plain as day.

Doctor: It’s just looped once, right?

Tech: No. It’s twice.

Twice?! There’s no way I heard that. Twice?! I lost it. I started sobbing. They assured me that as of right now, she was perfectly fine but I couldn’t even imagine it. All I saw was the cord tightening down in an instant and I will lose another baby. I could not go through that twice!

Somehow I pulled it together enough to call Brian. He was working close to my job so he picked me up and we went to the hospital. I went right past the check in desk. I feel like I was at the check in desk for what felt like an hour before I got up to labor and delivery when I went for Sawyer. I can’t help but wonder if that time could of made a difference. When I got to labor and delivery nd hit the buzzer, they told me to go back down stairs to sign in. I just started pleading, “Please just put me on a monitor. I’ll go back down after. Just please, please, please”. The opened the door and everyone just looked at me like I had two heads. I just started apologizing and pleading my case to anyone that would listen. Explaining how I just lost a baby the year prior for the same thing. And that I was so scared. One nurse finally walked over to me and lead me to a room. She had me put a gown on and get in the bed. She put the monitor on and after a few seconds )felt like forever!) I heard the most beautiful sound, and could finally breathe. There’s something about being in the hospital that makes you feel like everything is going to be alright.

They kept me overnight. My mom brought Aiden up there for a while. We all ate something from the deli at the hospital and they all went home so I could sleep. I slept pretty well considering she would move away from the monitor constantly so they were in my room adjusting the monitors every half an hour or so. But it did not bother me one bit. I was just so happy to be there and that people were watching over us.

The next morning, I saw the high risk doctor and was given an ultrasound in their office. He assured me that everything was just fine. She is completely healthy and not at all in distress. The tube was still around her neck like it was but it was very loose and floating in the amniotic fluid. There’s a chance she will wiggle out of it, but it’s not likely. The monitoring that we did through out the night showed no issues.  So, they sent us home. They said that 35% of babies are born with the tube around their neck, once, twice, even three times and they are fine. I was instructed to pay attention to movements and if I feel like anything is wrong, to come back to the hospital. Well, now I constantly feel like something’s wrong. I’m going to try and not become a psychotic mess in the next three weeks but I think that’s a lot easier said than done.

My sweet, concerned husband’s Instagram post..

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